I was born in May 23, 1970 in Havana city, Cuba. Naturalized American. I live in Miami, Florida. Passionate about movies and visual arts like drawing, paintings and graphic designs, practicing by myself with just little resources in that beautiful Caribbean island that experience the failure of an immature social system with a government that drifts away stubbornly.

I coursed basic studies like the majority of my friends in the neighborhood, achieving years later an MD diploma inspired in my grandparents dedication and my parents who I admire for their achievements as becoming specialist in veterinary Pathology.

Out of my country the jobs to sustain my family had been diverse and difficult like the majority of the immigrants, having to learn different languages and cultures to survive. Focus in the medical field I studied nursing in which I presently work as a school nurse.

Lately I have found a new angle in my live that I didn’t know. I have had to read many medicine books without thinking that one morning after awaking from a fantastic dream I felt the necessity to reflect it in a paper writing my first sci-fi novel called “La Madeja”, filled with action, adventure and romance. It brings a fresh story where Dreaman was born, the dream’s hero. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

I believe in my family, my wife and my children, that bring me the strength to carry on. I believe In God that one day will free our souls from the calcium cell-bars that contains it. He wakes me up every morning saying to do good things to others without losing the way and to stay focus where I want to go.